Domestic Service

Inland  transport:  we can  arrange  your  every  inland transport need by plane , by ship, by truck, by rail and by barge to all over Vietnam

QTL logistics Provides a full range of vehicles: Trucks - Containers - Tractors - Transport trucks...

With meeting needs immediately, quickly and especially very flexible with all types of goods. Can be shipped to any location specified by the customer.

Freight by rail: ensures the safety of goods with a strictly regulated time according to train operating hours and is not affected by weather conditions. Thanks to that, the goods are shipped in the fastest time, on time and at the request of the customer.

The advantages are:

  • Fast shipping speed: Only 2 to 3 days for arriving.
  • Convenient. Every day, there are cars running this part of the road, this fixed route, but not necessarily the long north-south route.
  • Whether it is small or large goods, even a carton box can be suitable. Waiting to pick up many small shipments before transporting them all by large vehicle is also another way

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