Billing Leader

We're hiring Billing Leader


  • Leading debt accounting to comparing revenue with customers, checking debt and promote for recover pubic debt.
  • Lead to checking the shipping documents and valid invoices on the accounts receivable list with customers.
  • Recognite revenue from providing sales services in accordance with the Company's procedures and the department's debt management policy. Accounting and tracking debts on management programs and accounting software.
  • Responsible for reviewing, comparing, and confirming statements to issue tax accounting invoices.
  • Preparing receivable accountant reports.
  • Periodically, Checking and comparing at the end of the month for outstanding debt and receivable amount between the company's data and customer's data.
  • Coordinate closely with internal departments to provide customer service and debt management.
  • Promoting compliance with sales processes to collect payments correctly and in fully.
  • Responsible for systematically storing invoices according to regulations.
  • Responsible for reviewing customer profiles to ensure for team revenue management with periodically.


  • Experience:
    • Graduated with a major in finance and accounting. Priority for candidates with experience in a similar position of 3 years or more in the Logistics industry.
    • Have good knowledge of Vietnamese accounting standards and tax laws.
    • Good knowledge of accounting and finance, understanding of costs, Leadership.
  • Skill:
    • Proficient in common office information technology (Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook...).
    • Honest, able to withstand work pressure.
    • Have qualities suitable for accounting work: careful, patient, diligent, willing to learn.
    • Ability to plan and organize implementation


  • Salary, bonus: competitive, capacity assessment: 2 times/year.
  • Holiday bonuses according to state regulations. Tet bonus according to ability.
  • Participate in social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance according to regulations • Young, dynamic, comfortable working environment with great potential.
  • Travel tour policy once a year according to the Company's regulations


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